Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Rain

Well, I'm a little behind in posting and a lot behind in taking pictures, but what can you do? I'm in the midst of trying to finally FINALLY get my craft room all cleaned up and in some order in which I'll actually want to spend time working in there. I find I'm a much happier girl when I have some quality crafty time every day. Today I'm just crocheting another baby blanket for a friend (something I can do that doesn't involve needing a clean craft room).

I was however, able to do some sewing (which I haven't done in forever) with my friend last Sunday and made some fabulous baby items. I'm quite excited about that, and we have another date next Sunday, so I'm looking forward to it! It makes me inspired to open a craft shop with her someday. But for now I think we will just look into another Farmer's Market season. I'm in need of a new game plan, as jewelry was not a hot item but I'm sure it will be fun either way. It's a great atmosphere nonetheless.

That's all for now, I'm on my hubby's computer and he wants it back.

Love to you all.

Friday, May 6, 2011


Spring is in the air, and it is truly delightful. I love spring, I love summer, I love fall. Each for their own beauties. I think spring still has to be my favourite though, short as it can be in Alberta. Maybe that's why it's so priceless, because you blink and then it's gone!

I'm heading off to the Butterdome Craft Show in a minute and I'm super excited! I will post pictures if I find any treasures.

My latest belly pic:

Friday, April 15, 2011

This One's For You, Mom!

Well, three years have come and gone without you, and I still feel like it was just yesterday we were sitting in your bed together chatting about life before I headed off to school for the day. I heard the song I listened to on the way to the hospital (the last day we were together) on the radio this morning before I was aware enough to know it was the 15th. God is good like that. He knows every detail about us, and cares enough to bring moments like that into our daily lives. We miss you mom, every day and it's so wonderful to know we can some day run into your arms in paradise!

Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of mom on my new computer, but here is a picture of the house she grew up in on Prince Edward Island. My cousin and I went there last May and my mom's mom took us back to the old farmhouse:

Here is a little family picture Jason took last night while we had a dogpile (very rare.. June does not normally like being this close to Luke):

And yet another knitting project.. the pattern was taught to me by mom's mom when I was out there to visit:

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

home gardening

it's been too long, yet again! i've been busy busy busy converting the office into a baby space (since the baby related items were beginning to overwhelm the office stuff anyways) so now i have a baby room full of random things needing a home, and a desk at the bottom of my stairs with a flurry of paperwork engulfing it. i'm doing my husband's bookkeeping (eek!) and his uncle's tax stuff (double eek!) because apparently i will be good at it! ha.. we will see about that. so anyways, that has been occupying some of my spare time, and the rest is filled with excess laundry doing and knitting/crocheting..any form of yarnery i can get my hands on! i think i'm a bit addicted.

and as for today's theme: home gardening! my pictures for today are of the plants i have started on the basement window ledge. it might be too early for this.. but i couldn't wait to get my hands on some dirt. here they are: (it's vegetables in the long boxes and herbs in the small pots)

and why not.. a pregger self portrait for the road:

i went to the doctor with my wonderful husband this morning, and all is well, but she wants to do another ultrasound because last time the baby was hiding its head, so they didn't get a good look at the face. i'm not complaining! ultrasounds are awesome, minus all the noise for poor baby! sorry in there!

Monday, April 4, 2011

A few items..

To start off, here is the most recent belly pic:
18 weeks

This past week was Spring Break, which just flew by, and sadly I didn't keep up with my photo-a-day assignment. I meant to take more pictures but I am sharing the camera with my husband.. so I need to be good and take turns! Here are some photos from the weekend:

And some literary brilliance for thought:

monet refuses the operation

Doctor, you say there are no halos
around the streetlights in Paris
and what I see is an aberration
caused by old age, an affliction.
I tell you it has taken me all my life
to arrive at the vision of gas lamps as angels,
to soften and blur and finally banish
the edges you regret I don't see,
to learn that the line I called the horizon
does not exist and sky and water,
so long apart, are the same state of being.
Fifty-four years before I could see
Rouen cathedral is built
of parallel shafts of sun,
and now you want to restore 
my youthful errors: fixed
notions of top and bottom,
the illusion of three-dimensional space,
wisteria separate
from the bridge it covers.
What can I say to convince you
the Houses of Parliament dissolve
night after night to become
the fluid dream of the Thames?
I will not return to a universe
of objects that don't know each other,
as if islands were not the lost children
of one great continent. The world
is flux, and light becomes what it touches,
becomes water, lilies on water,
above and below water,
becomes lilac and mauve and yellow
and white and cerulean lamps,
small fists passing sunlight
so quickly to one another
that it would take long, streaming hair
inside my brush to catch it.
To paint the speed of light!
Our weighted shapes, these verticals,
burn to mix with air
and change our bones, skin, clothes
to gases. Doctor,
if only you could see
how heaven pulls the earth into its arms
and how infinitely the heart expands
to claim this world, blue vapor without end.
-Lisel Mueller

I love this poem. I found it at the opening of Anne Lamott's "Plan B Further Thoughts on Faith" and I am so glad she included it, it evokes such beauty, so I thought I'd share it.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break!

This week is my Spring Break, but it already feels so full of stuff to do and places to go, that I think I might need a holiday after! Hopefully I'll manage to squeeze in a bit of time to clean the house. It could definitely use it.
Here is my photo for the day:
This is what I had for breakfast this morning, and boy was it fantastic. I might have gone a little overkill on the whipped cream, but it so tasty.

Here is another project I am working on:

My friend just had a baby boy and so I decided to learn how to crochet a baby blanket on youtube. It's actually turning out quite well so far, it's just taking me a while, so I'm looking forward to when I get faster at it. 

This weekend Jason and I had a date night on Friday and we rented Morning Glory, it was actually really cute, I recommend it. And it has great music too, it's a fun, pick-me-up kind of a movie.

And tonight's Dad's birthday so I better get dinner cooked so I can head over there.
That's all for now folks.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

finished toque for ang

My first baby toque! I took it out and redid it a few times to get the size right, but I think it turned out quite cute.. now we just need to wait and see what it looks like on the baby! Can't wait for Ang to have her little girl, she's going to be so cute. My next project is a crocheted blanket for a friend who just had a baby and then I think I'll start on something for our little muffin.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I've been meaning to post pictures of my latest creations.. but my husband keeps taking the camera to work. So that is my excuse! We apparently need to find his camera so we each can have one.
Off to work in five.. pretty exciting post, I know.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Self Portrait

SNOW snow snow snow snow. It has been snowing here like mad. I got the car stuck in the middle of the road in front of our house after work today. I was attempting to pull a u-turn to park on our side of the street, but ended up getting high-centered on the mounds of snow on the road. It wasn't that fun. 

In other news I had a great weekend with my husband. I went for a pedicure with my sister-in-law while Jason was at work in the morning on Saturday, then we went to the mall for a bit for lunch and then the afternoon was ours together! It was lovely. The "morning" sickness at the gas station on the way home wasn't so much fun, but we definitely got some much needed time together. Sunday was a lazy day. We stayed at home and slept in,  listened to some sermons, cleaned up the dishes around the house, then went for some groceries and Starbucks. 

Now today I have every intention of finishing the cleaning, then organizing my craft room so I can get in there and start creating! I have a few projects to finish off today so hopefully I will be able to post pictures of those later on.

Here is my photo for the day: (at this rate it will take me 4 years for my 365 pictures!)
I played with this a bit in editing because I liked how flat i could make the image while still retaining its 
interest. I opted for a self portrait because it meant not having to get out of the computer chair. Sigh. The joys of being pregnant! Just think of all the beautiful snow outside that is going un-photographed. I'm sure there's got to be someone out there working some magic..

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Late Entry

Bellly, Week 16: