Wednesday, April 13, 2011

home gardening

it's been too long, yet again! i've been busy busy busy converting the office into a baby space (since the baby related items were beginning to overwhelm the office stuff anyways) so now i have a baby room full of random things needing a home, and a desk at the bottom of my stairs with a flurry of paperwork engulfing it. i'm doing my husband's bookkeeping (eek!) and his uncle's tax stuff (double eek!) because apparently i will be good at it! ha.. we will see about that. so anyways, that has been occupying some of my spare time, and the rest is filled with excess laundry doing and knitting/crocheting..any form of yarnery i can get my hands on! i think i'm a bit addicted.

and as for today's theme: home gardening! my pictures for today are of the plants i have started on the basement window ledge. it might be too early for this.. but i couldn't wait to get my hands on some dirt. here they are: (it's vegetables in the long boxes and herbs in the small pots)

and why not.. a pregger self portrait for the road:

i went to the doctor with my wonderful husband this morning, and all is well, but she wants to do another ultrasound because last time the baby was hiding its head, so they didn't get a good look at the face. i'm not complaining! ultrasounds are awesome, minus all the noise for poor baby! sorry in there!


  1. Emily! Holy cow you're pregnant--congratulations! I didn't realize that you were living in Lacombe. :)

  2. yep! it's pretty exciting, and yes, i moved back summer of '09 i think. crazy i haven't run into you guys yet! where are you living?

  3. We moved back last spring and bought a house close to the research station, behind the E. Free church. How's being pregnant? Being a Mama is awesome--our little one is almost a year, hard to believe. Hope we do run into you sometime. :)

  4. nice! i love it around the research station, it's so pretty! being pregnant is great! i love feeling the baby move. it was pretty rough at first with morning sickness, but i'm so happy that's all behind me:) we're really looking forward to meeting our little one! your little girl is so cute! we'll have to have a playdate sometime:)

  5. Emily, you are adorable! So happy to see preggo self-portraits:)