Monday, February 8, 2010

bonus post.

two in one day, i know.. the madness never ceases. i was reading an andy goldsworthy book on my break and i really identified with his intro about time, change, and place.

'Time and change are connected to place. Real change is best understood by staying in one place. When I travel, I see differences rather than change. I resent travelling south in early spring in case I am away from home when I see my first tree coming into leaf. If this happens, I see the leaves, but not the growth or change. I feel similarly about the first frost or ice or snow, and the first warm day after winter. I thrive on the disruption forced by seasonal changes - a hard freeze, heavy snow, a sudden thaw, leaf fall, strong winds - which can change dramatically any working patterns that have become established within a particular season.'
--Andy Goldsworthy, Time

Some of his work:

art and nature. perfect.

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