Thursday, February 18, 2010

end of a reading era.

soooooooooooooooooo, i FINALLY finished reading twilight. the last book i had to slog through a bit at the end there. i can't say i'm the biggest fan of how it ended, but i won't say more.. don't want to spoil the ending. it was entertaining. and now that i'm done i won't have anymore vampire/werewolf nightmares. phew. i'm tiring of waking up sweaty every morning.

in business news.. i ordered business cards today! yay! but they'll come in 3 weeks because that was cheapest, so that's kind of anti-climactic. it gives me time to get my stuff together though. not that there's much to get together. i'm kind of nervous, i don't know why. i feel like i should get a business license and all that.. but perhaps that can wait until i see if the stuff sells or not. clearly i'm not all that business-minded. wow, i just said business approximately a million times in this paragraph. that should count for something.

in other news.. not much going on. still in an insane, painful fitness routine. i love how every time you work your abs a lot you feel like you're constantly going to vomit for the next few days.

and.... SUNSHINE. glorious sunshine. how i wish i was outside right now.. oh wait, only 6 minutes of work left....

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