Wednesday, February 3, 2010

the start of something

i'm writing this to myself for now. mostly as a reminder of things to come. hope mainly. i hope to start my own business, something arty. i've chosen the name 'prairie dust' for my business because i thought it was somewhat whimisical in its reference to fairy dust, but also earthy and a reminder of my roots. i think choosing a name is half the battle.. so let's just say we're off and running.. for now. so far in my collection of prairie dust merchandise we have 2 8x10" paintings and a coil bracelet, and a necklace that i made for myself which i'm not particularly fond of. that seems somewhat wrong to say, but just because i don't like it doesn't mean someone else won't. it's up for discussion anyways.

so let's have some notes for our first meeting:
1. business name selected while doodling on an envelope during photography class last semester (i think that was it's birth..)
2. have started making jewellry in very limited spare time..
3. debating business cards. premature?

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