Monday, February 8, 2010

life in general

i went to edmonton this weekend for a job interview. it was at abercrombie and fitch which sort of feels like going against what i believe in, with regards to consumerism and brand names, etc. but i was asked to come in for an interview, so i thought what the heck, i'll keep my options open, considering there's not much else going on right now and my current contract is up at the end of april. the silver lining to this job is that after 6 or 7 months you can be promoted to manager and after you're a manager you're up for a transfer if you choose, so i could work in paris. ahhhh, a girl can dream.

on the business side of things i've been acquiring more and more supplies, now i need to acquire a bit of spare time and motivation. i'm not sure which is more difficult to come by. but getting out of red deer this weekend was really good for me, even though it was a bit of a chaotic and exhausting trip (i nearly lost the tire off my car.. it was a crazy day). i find being in a new place always stimulates creativity and expands your mind, you just have to hang on to it before it dissipates again.

oh and i bought a fish. i had a dream a few weeks ago about my wedding day. but i couldn't work out having a groom there for the big day, so i got all dressed up for nothing. so my friends took me to sea world to cheer me up and bought me some gold fish. ever since then i wanted a fish. odd, i know. does a fish make a good replacement boyfriend? that is the question.. haha.. at least he's quiet. i'm kidding! but he is.

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