Thursday, March 3, 2011


So.. I actually remembered to take another photo today and post it.. it's a miracle! Here it is:
Exhibit B: Our other dog.. the completely "camera oblivious one." So yesterday we had June, today we have Luke, see the difference? Luke's a wonder behind film because he's not at all intimidated by the mysterious black box (unlike black bum over in the background) and so he poses with wonderful puppy faces. Too bad he can be so rambunctious, otherwise he's pretty much the perfect photography subject.

In other news, today was actually quite productive. I finally got the dusty mound of paperwork off the floor in the office and into files and binders and folders in a somewhat recognizable order. Phew, that feels good. Now to get the floor swept, laundry folded, and pretty much the entire rest of the house clean. I guess that's what the weekend's for!

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