Tuesday, March 8, 2011

i remembered!

so after seeing my brother's picture posts on facebook, i remembered again today (two days in a row!) to take and post a picture. this one's minimally creative (i didn't even leave the comfort of my computer chair, except to unplug a cord behind the cradle). here she is:
this is a hand-me-down cradle that my grandpa fashioned for my brother and his wife which is now ready for our baby. and just this past sunday grandma gave me the crocheted blanket seen inside the crib which she just finished making. it's pretty wonderful having such creative grandparents! i'm looking forward to seeing the baby room when it's all set up.

in other news, today was my first day of work at a middle school downtown. it's grades 6-8 and my job is to help the learning assistance teacher with whatever she is working on. the principal and vice principal were away at meetings so there wasn't anything actually set up for me to do today so i just had a tour of the school and then read up on autism from a teacher handbook. apparently tomorrow they will give me my schedule and i will have a better idea of what i'm doing. but it was a good day, everyone seems friendly and i'm hoping it will be fulfilling and challenging. i haven't met any of the students yet, so that will definitely add a different aspect to the job experience.
and.... i took june out for a walk again today! two sunny, warmish days in a row. it feels good to get some exercise and i think june is loving it.
yesterday i got a FREE! library membership at the local library. i guess someone sponsored the library to give out free memberships all year, which is a pretty great deal. i'm excited to sign out lots of artsy books to give me some project ideas. i took out a few on jewelry making, embroidery, and watercolour but haven't had a chance to open them yet. i also got a biography called 'riding in cars with boys' by beverly donofrio which was pretty depressing actually, but an interesting read that i finished today already. it definitely shows you a different side of life from what we become used to in our urban working-class canadia. i think i'm going to go online to find some more novels to read..

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  1. Yay Em! Excited about the books, the free membership and the new job! This is a great, exciting post all around, isn't it? I love the craddle too! Miss you Em! This makes you feel so much closer!