Wednesday, March 2, 2011

From the Desk of Mrs. McNichol

My dear friend Christy told me she stumbled upon my blog and encouraged me to keep writing, so this one's for you Christy! Now that it is nearly a month after my last post.. my attempt to keep track of daily happenings has not quite panned out. And my excuse: hmmm, laziness? Disinterest? I don't really know. It's freezing cold outside and I'm currently working super part time for my husband. So I'm going to just go ahead and say I have no excuse. Aside from that.. some exciting news! I got an orchid from my brother about 2 Christmases ago and it only lasted through one bloom, so I was worried growing orchids in Alberta wasn't possible. Which is sad, because I think I had three in my room when I was living in Ireland. However, now that I'm living in Blackfalds with my husband and we have an awesome en-suite bathroom with huge windows (and also the possibility for a more humid climate due to periodic showers) I have been able to have an orchid bloom twice already! And after cutting it back I was worried transplanting it would do some harm, but the other day I noticed TWO new stems, which means two new sets of blooms. In some relation, Brad was here for the weekend for his birthday and told me about a photo challenge him and his friends are doing called Foto 365. I thought this was a great idea and have always meant to do something similar. So my picture for today is the following:
Not the most brilliant or inspired photo ever, but there is one of my little buds that I'm so proud of. You can do it little buddy! The other one is on the other side of the plant, and they say not to move them around too much, so I'm leaving it alone. I didn't take this picture today.. so I guess I should maybe take another one and attach it as my photo of the day. I will be right back..
Ok, so this is what you call the "camera-shy dog." I thought what better subject for my pictures than the creature I spend my days with. She is my little companion and follows me from room to room. I feel guilty that I haven't taken her out for a walk in so long. It's just so cold! Clearly I haven't spent enough winters in Alberta lately and have become a softy. I think I'll have to throw the ball around for her in the basement for a while. Anyways, the brilliant thing about taking a photo a day is that they don't have to be a masterpiece, but it forces you behind the lens and makes you see the world as you truly see it. And if something brilliant results, wonderful! 
And then there's the title of this post. The other day I went to LCS to help Mrs. Vandergrift hang and display her students' art for art night and was thinking that if I was a teacher the kids would have to call me Mrs. McNichol. Crazy! I have never thought about that before. It's a pretty weird thing to think of yourself as a Mrs. Not that it's weird to get married, but becoming a Mrs. seems like a huge rite of passage. Soon I will have a kid and then their friends will come over and call me Mrs. McNichol, and some day I will be trying to encourage them to call me by my first name like my friends' parents are now doing. Ah the sweet cycle of life.

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  1. Love you Em! This was great to read! Miss you like crazy! And I wanna see more photos! Please take a photo of your little bump!