Monday, March 21, 2011

Self Portrait

SNOW snow snow snow snow. It has been snowing here like mad. I got the car stuck in the middle of the road in front of our house after work today. I was attempting to pull a u-turn to park on our side of the street, but ended up getting high-centered on the mounds of snow on the road. It wasn't that fun. 

In other news I had a great weekend with my husband. I went for a pedicure with my sister-in-law while Jason was at work in the morning on Saturday, then we went to the mall for a bit for lunch and then the afternoon was ours together! It was lovely. The "morning" sickness at the gas station on the way home wasn't so much fun, but we definitely got some much needed time together. Sunday was a lazy day. We stayed at home and slept in,  listened to some sermons, cleaned up the dishes around the house, then went for some groceries and Starbucks. 

Now today I have every intention of finishing the cleaning, then organizing my craft room so I can get in there and start creating! I have a few projects to finish off today so hopefully I will be able to post pictures of those later on.

Here is my photo for the day: (at this rate it will take me 4 years for my 365 pictures!)
I played with this a bit in editing because I liked how flat i could make the image while still retaining its 
interest. I opted for a self portrait because it meant not having to get out of the computer chair. Sigh. The joys of being pregnant! Just think of all the beautiful snow outside that is going un-photographed. I'm sure there's got to be someone out there working some magic..

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