Monday, March 7, 2011

already slacking

So my plan to take a picture a day has already fallen off the wagon, so to speak. But I had a feeling this was a good possibility since I have lots to think about these days, so I'm not going to feel bad, I'm just going to do it when I remember. Here is my picture for the day:
This is what awaits me after I'm finished blogging. However, it speaks of fond memories, so this picture is more a testament to good times with family rather than chores left undone. Mike, Danielle, Ethan, and Alyssa came over for a bbq last night and it was so great to have them. It's definitely been far too long since we've had them over for dinner. Our life was in sort of a hold pattern for a while after starting the business, but things are levelling out a bit so I'm looking forward to the return of some normalcy. 
And once the dishes are done I am going to take June out for a walk!!!! This deserves so many exclamation marks because I can honestly not even remember the last time I took her out. It's a sunny day, still nippy, but blissfully sunny so today is the day! I could definitely use some exercise myself and I think she will be endlessly happy with me. So it's definitely worth it.
And tomorrow... I start my new job! Will post more details soon.

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  1. Yay! How was the walk? Looking forward to more details about the job.